Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kathy who?

30! Three zero! Thirty years old. Correction…31 years old. WTF! How did time fly by so quickly? Ten years ago, I graduated from college and had just started my new “grown-up” job. After a couple of great years of living and working in Santa Barbara, I made my way back to San Diego. During this time, I worked in the restaurant & bar industry. What a great job for a girl in her mid-twenties! The huge perk was that I worked for a place that threw the biggest parties at the beach. But that is exactly all it ever could be for me.

At age of 28, I started getting antsy. I was not being challenged. Everyday felt the same. I had very strong friendships with many people, but had not yet had a committed relationship. I was bored and frustrated. I knew had more to offer, not just in regards to a job or career, but I felt, and still feel, that I have something more meaningful to contribute to society. This was the beginning of the transition out of my party-girl lifestyle.

So what did I do to get myself out of that sort of lifestyle and into the “real world?” I applied to go back to school. Not just any old school. I did the prep work and application process to go back to law school. By the grace of God, I managed to get into a law school in San Francisco. Boy oh boy, did I have a difficult first year in law school. Now that experience is over, I have learned a lot more about myself. I better understand some of my abilities, some of my limits, and some of my goals. I am only aware of some of the work I have to do on my self. “Some” is the operative word because at this point, I do not know all of my abilities or all of my limits. In challenging myself, I am continually learning new things about myself. More things will change down this super interesting road.

At this time, I am working on my MBA, “Master’s in Blackout Alcoholic.” In all seriousness, I am working on my MBA, Human Resources concentration. I also work part time in retail, something I thought I would never do. But, with the shortage of suitable jobs and the need to make some sort of income without compromising my moral character (I’m sure you catch what I’m throwing down), I work in retail knowing its just a means to an end.

This is an introduction to the blogging bandwagon that my college roommate, Jenny, and I have jumped on together. Although she has a completely different experience than I do, we do have some common ground, mainly not being where we expected to be in our early thirties. The value in writing our perspective is that maybe we can reach other people who are feeling more of the same, and who care to share their story with us, to give us more perspective, but more importantly, to help us feel better about ourselves. Kidding.

Each week, we will pick a topic and offer our experiences and ideas. Hopefully you all enjoy our little ditties. We also hope that you send us feedback and we definitely welcome you to not only follow us, but please participate. We would love to have guest bloggers!

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