Sunday, August 30, 2009

Is 30 really the new 20?

Being 30 and realizing that life at this age is not what you thought it would be or what you strived for…. Ugh!!! Now, we are trying to figure out what we each really want to be, do, and have. The transition from being 20-something to 30-something has been stressful, disheartening, annoying, and a lot of work. Yet, the experience is still exciting, rewarding, and always interesting. So we guess 30 is the new 20 because there is still very much to look forward to.

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  1. great blog girls!!!! Miss you both and looking forward to reading your posts :) Love, Anne

  2. So glad that the blog is up!! What a great idea...I can't wait to read more and maybe be a guest blogger at some point :) Congrats on getting this up!

  3. How exciting! Great blog! I know I'm hormonal and all, but it made me tear up reading your intro's. They're very heartfelt. :)