Sunday, August 1, 2010

10 Things I Can No Longer Pull Off as a Woman in my 30s (Part1)

10 Things I Can No Longer Pull Off as a Woman in my 30s (Part1)
1.       Purposefuly tattered mini jean skirts.  Like I can fit into anything at American Eagle anymore anyways... 
2.       Different colored fingernail polish on each fingernail.
3.       Posing proudly with a domestic beer can.  With any can. With any liquor. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it, you can drink... 
4.       Not apologizing.
5.       Pajama bottoms/slippers in public.
6.       Pulling all nighters. Oh my god, the eye skin trauma!

to be continued...


Ten Must DOs for a Gal in her 30s

1.       Having some basic manners does wonders. Saying "please" and "thank you" never hurt anybody.
2.       Spend good money on that eye cream. It really works!
3.       Drink a lot of water, especially before , during, and after you drink alcohol. Its a lifesaver when you have improptu drinks on school nights.
4.       Fit in some exercise. Looking good hurts  =)
5.       Take a vacation!
6.       Know when advice is wanted or when a person just wants to vent. Speaking your mind is not always necessary nor welcome.
7.       Keep a close, small circle of family members and very good friends. These are the people who really know you and will give you the best advice ever. Plus, its fun to catch up!
8.       In most aspects, have no shame in your game! Who the hell cares what other people think. But, if news of your social life gets back to the office.... Uh-oh?!
9.       Replace those IKEA pictures on the wall with some art, any art with real character. I’m going to puke if I see the picture with pink daisies on another chic’s wall.
10.   Its ok to be into the Hills and the Jersey Shore. For super-busy girls, fun and mindless shows are super entertaining. I’m soooo hooked.