Sunday, August 1, 2010

10 Things I Can No Longer Pull Off as a Woman in my 30s (Part1)

10 Things I Can No Longer Pull Off as a Woman in my 30s (Part1)
1.       Purposefuly tattered mini jean skirts.  Like I can fit into anything at American Eagle anymore anyways... 
2.       Different colored fingernail polish on each fingernail.
3.       Posing proudly with a domestic beer can.  With any can. With any liquor. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it, you can drink... 
4.       Not apologizing.
5.       Pajama bottoms/slippers in public.
6.       Pulling all nighters. Oh my god, the eye skin trauma!

to be continued...



  1. How bout these
    7. Not returning phone calls
    8. Losing anything important after a night of drinking (keys, wallet, phone....yep I've I had lots of experience)
    9. Blue make-up.... period
    10. Drinking during all day
    11. Breaking up with someone quickly(ie. via text, phone call)...its a long drawn out process these days
    12. Telling people I'm on "spring break"
    13. Tijuana

    Are these just me?

  2. Ha! Yeah Jess... #13 for sure is a not do.