Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Not so bad after all!

A guy I know of had a job where he went on business trips overseas. During those trips, he occasionally scheduled in a round of golf. One place he has golfed at includes a three star golf course in DR Congo, Africa. At that golf course (name I do not recall), there is a guy whose job is to collect golf balls in the alligator infested lakes. I was told he was paid one Congolese franc (CDF) per ball he collects. YIKES. As of today, $1 CDF equals $0.002986 USD. Not even 1 cent USD. And why am I complaining about my job?

Talk about perspective! I do not like my current job, but at least my ass isn’t wading in dangerous waters to collect worthless golf balls shanked by bad golfers. And even though I do not like my job, here are some truths…

1. I have met some really cool people!
2. I am not going to be at this job forever.
3. It’s only a means to an end.
4. I know how NOT to treat employees, i.e., I am learning a lot about ineffective management styles.
5. My mindless job allows me to reserve energy and brain power for my coursework. Now I have the good grades I strive for.

This list of positives is longer, but I have to stop here and study before I wake up at the crack of dawn for work…


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  1. BR is the means and the ends! :) hahaha. Maybe you will be a manger there soon! ;)