Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sunny Side Ups (J)

I was hanging out with my in laws over the weekend and someone asked me how I was doing. Before I could utter my stock response of "good" my husband interjected "Have you read her blog?" And this was said in a somewhat sarcastic tone. I could not help but wince. Have I made my life sound so tragic?

Granted, I am frustrated with where I am right now professionally and personally but in no way do I want to come off as ungrateful or less than satisfied with my life overall. So let me start this week’s blog with some solid reasons why I am utterly grateful to be me.

1. I have my health. I know that sounds cliche but it is true. I rarely get sick and all of my limbs work. (Knock on wood.)

2. I dig my husband. He is smart, good looking, funny as hell and good natured. He is my favorite.

3. I have potential. I don’t look too bad on paper. I have a JD, I came from a decent college, "Go Gauchos," and I am not afraid of hard work.

4. I have a starter house. Its got more corners than I know what to do with and some awful fixtures and the most horrendous cabinet doors I have ever seen but all-in-all it’s a cute house with tons of potential.

5. My friends are cool. Seriously, I am so impressed with every single friend of mine. I can turn to any one of them for a hearty laugh or a serious dose of wisdom. They are geniuses by the way. I swear all of my friends are 10 times smarter than myself, but that is another topic...

6. Last but not least, my family rocks. Most of the time. Well most of them do.

Now ask me what I was grateful 10 years ago and it probably would have went something like this.

1. $1.50 margarita and free appetizers at El Paseo

2. Clearing $60 in tips.

3. Passing my classes.

4. My fast metabolism. I seriously lived on Bud Light, $4 champagne, pasta and bagels for 4 years.

5. Roommates that paid the rent.

I wonder how my list will change 10 years from now?


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