Thursday, March 25, 2010


Yesssss! I love this time of year. No more winter blues! I had a bad case of winter blues this time around, and besides other things, I really do think it has to do with cloudy skies and rain... a typical NorCal winter? Not used to it. I hope spring time in NorCal means sunny days.

Where I come from, San Diego and Santa Barbara, aka the "promise lands" (ha), its warm and sunny everyday...literally. Winter means... nothing. Its nice to experience seasons, but I am fine visiting those places, not having permanent residency there. I like having my golden brown tan all year long (it kinda helps to be Filipino). I don't want to have to carry a jacket around everyday "just in case." I love to see the shine shining and feel warm. People are happier when the sun shines, including me.

Spring also means new beginnings. Although January 1st is a day when people vow to better their lives, its all talk about what they want to do. Now that the sun is out and its Spring, people are motivated to go out and do something about realizing their goals. Work and school goals, love goals, weight goals, any goals are actually being put into action. Now, more people I know have been landing new jobs. I can't tell you how many times I have heard people talking about the new diet she is actually on or new exercise plan she is actually doing. Sun comes out = people make better effort to live healthy = people wear less clothes = everyone looks good = I'm gonna get me some. Yeah!


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